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mami Kichijoji Store will be temporarily closed.

We will open a pop-up store at Granduo Tachikawa from February 14 (Wed.) to February 20 (Tue.). As a result, mami Kichijoji will be closed during and around the event, from February 12 (Mon.) to 21 (Wed.) (open from February 22). This weekend will be the last business day before the event, so please stop by. We are looking forward to seeing you!

mami 吉祥寺店将暂时关闭。

从 2 月 14 日(周三)至 20 日(周二),将在 Granduo Tachikawa 开设一家 Pop-up 商店。因此,mami 吉祥寺店将于 2 月 12 日(周一)至 2 月 21 日(周三)期间及前后关闭(2 月 22 日(周三)起正常营业)。本周末将是活动前的最后一次营业,敬请光临。我们期待您的光临! 



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